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Ask me how you can get to know me, whether with tags on my blog or by just asking the gorram questions you wanna ask anyways. I answer. :*
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drawin x files in class lmaooo


drawin x files in class lmaooo


every now and then that picture of me and phil pops up and gets reblogged like crazy, and it always makes me super nostalgic. so i went through a bunch of photos from like a year ago and decided to post them. enjoy!

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welcome to pudge-town population me


commission: casper for scumstains! 

not many of you read my text posts (wah) and that’s totally okay with me (though i do read yours) (mwah) but i hope that things are going well for you all because that totally hilariously lifted my spirits and i’ve been having a kinda shitty few weeks so let’s get together and hold hands and craugh ourselves to sleep

my cousin who i’m not very close with but is still my cousin and also just happens to be like one of the higher ups on bob’s burgers (vomit) just asked to connect with me on linkedin (hurl) and it’s like nuts because i was just talking about him earlier with my mom and how i wish i could get him to get me free things but now FUCK MAYBE I’LL GET A JOB

what movie should i watch tonight????

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